Medico-spa treatments


$ 119* 30 min*
$ 189* 50 min*

A deep nourishing & oxygenating facial that uses an innovative therapy to enhance your skin and give the best glowing and healthy skin.


$ 129* 1 session
$ 765 ($ 109/s)* 7 sessions
$ 990 ($ 99/s)* 12 sessions

An advanced, painless and noninvasive reshapes the body and reduces fat located. The LIPOSHAPE ultrasound is a technology that reshapes the body and reduces the volume, eliminating localized fat deposits in the abdomen, hips and love handle. This treatment lasting 30 to 60 minutes** gives visible results from the first session. In general, 7-12 sessions are required.


$ 89* 25 min*
$ 355* 6 sessions*

Technology  using light waves to enhance cells and  improve the skin (tass, acne, wrinkles).


$ 149* 1 session*
$ 669* 6 sessions*

A revolution in the treatment of wrinkles and sagging skin. This process gum smooth the effects of time. His revolutionary technique in-depth skin and stimulates new collagen production. The new collagen formed plumps and smooths the skin making it look younger. Using RF, the lifting effect is manifested in the first session.


$ 89* 30 min*
$ 149* 50 min*

Youthful glow enhancer : wrinkle reduction and elimination of age spots. Deep exfoliation by crystral jets, brightens the complexion and reduces acne marks, enlarged pores, fine lines and blackheads.

Hyaluronic Rezenerate

$ 119* 30 min*
$ 199* 50 min*

An anti-aging facial that uses an innovative nanotechnology to painlessly reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.